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EasyReps™ - Resistance Bands Set

Get a full-body workout wherever you are. 

You don’t have to depend on gyms to get stronger and fitter. With EasyReps™ Resistance Bands Set, you can get all the amazing benefits of weighted workouts without investing in multiple dumbbells and expensive equipment. 

Fun fact: Resistance bands have scientifically proven to improve muscle definition and strength at the same rate as free weights. They are also safer and better for your joints in the long run!

Featuring 5 different resistance bands, it allows you to target individual muscle groups and try over 150 different exercise variations for your upper body, legs, and abs. The easy door anchor allows you to attach behind your door and workout unlike ever before.

And unlike regular weights, it doesn’t add any strain on your muscles and bones, making it the ultimate home fitness tool.

✔️ Save time and money: In the time you drive to the gym you can already do the full training from home. With the one-time purchase, you also save the monthly fees for your gym.

✔️ Different resistance levels for beginners and pros: Each individual band has a resistance of 10 lbs to 30 lbs. You can train with as many bands as you want.

✔️ 5 color-coded resistance bands - 10 lbs to 30 lbs: Advanced players can also combine the bands to achieve a resistance of 100 lbs.

✔️ Use it for CrossFit, yoga, pilates, calisthenics and stretching: It is suitable for everyone whether weight training or stretching exercises. With our universal EasyReps™, everything is possible.

✔️ Easy to use - remove, adjust, and replace the bands with ease: It is small, practical, and fits into a small bag. Take it with you wherever you go and always keep in shape.

✔️ Cushioned handles for ease and comfort: It's wonderful in the hand. The cables are made of nature-friendly latex.

✔️ Helpful in injury recovery and rehabilitation: Makes the body fit and strengthens all muscles.

✔️ Includes 11 pieces: Our set consists of a total of 11 parts and comes in a practical small bag to be prepared for traveling.


The Resistance Bands Set is specially designed and includes all the necessary accessories for more than 150 possible exercises for all muscle groups - suitable for any fitness level. Whether you want a complete body workout, or to work on just your glutes, biceps, abs, or any other muscle group at a time, the Resistance Bands Set is your perfect solution.



Have only a few minutes a day, or having difficulties finding the time or a place to work out? No problem! Because of the accessibility and quick and easy setup, Resistance Bands allow you to do a few quick sets whenever you have time and go on with your day.

Fold and store the set in the included carry bag and take it with you when traveling, for the office, or anywhere else. Now you can work out even when you're away from home!

Give zero excuses, Get only results. Crush your fitness goals with the EasyReps™  - Resistance Bands Set!