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Bra And Lingerie Travel Bag

Black Pink

Keep Your Bras Protected & Organized When Traveling! 


Keep your bras organized on the go and forget about smashing, crushing, or reshaping your wires with our Bra And Lingerie Travel Bag!


This adds a perfectly shaped protective layer around your bras, delicate lingeries, or even makeups!




High Quality -  Uses premium EVA foam to protect your bras. EVA foam is semi-rigid, which makes it light but durable & still easy to pack in any travel bag. It perfectly protects your delicate intimates from damage & tears. The EVA case is resistant to spills from liquids & chemicals - it also protects your bras from damage by makeup & toiletries that could spill in your bag.


Easy to Use -  Comes with a handle on top and zipper for easy access.



Stylish and Practical - Designed to make travel more enjoyable and less frustrating for women. Our mission is to make packing easy and fun with accessories that are cute, chic, and practical. You put a lot of thought and effort into creating a personal style that is uniquely you – how you travel should reflect it!


Vast Usage - It has 6 different styles, perfect for all types of women!  It can hold 3-4 bras and can only be used for A cup, B cup, and C cup. (Not suitable for larger cups) Aside from bras, you can put make-ups or accessories too.