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French Twist Magic DIY Hair Bun Maker (combo 2pcs)


Magic French Twist Instant Hair Bun Maker

You will make a perfect look in a few seconds with JDGOSHOP Instant Hair Bun Maker that offers the choice among various styles!

There is a good reason why the JDGOSHOP Instant Hair Bun Maker is preferred by various celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez and Celine Dion, who choose it for their most glamorous appearances; a tight, classical dancer’s bun has an air of grace and sophistication that no other hairstyle has!

Magic French Twist Instant Hair Bun Maker

Now, thanks to easy bun shaper you can sport any kind of bun variation you like, including French Twist, Chignon, Messy, Braided, Sock, Ballerina, and many more!

Without any hassle, this device works with thin and thick hair. Simply fold, wrap and snap your way to innovative and fashion-forward styles. This Magic Hair Bun Maker is the perfect solution for just about any hair problem!

With Instant Hair Bun Maker, it only takes a few minutes to make a special look all by yourself. It keeps your hair neat, sexy, and tidy. Just straighten the rods by gently pressing the ends outward and wait till you hear the snap.

ONE INSTANT HAIR BUN MAKER, SO MANY HAIRSTYLES! Let your imagination run wild and play with hairstyles and numerous updos! From classic sock buns and french twists to lazy, in disarray styling; all with a small, yet magical hair accessory by JDGOSHOP!


EASY TO USE – Only a second, stays beautiful all day long. No more accessories. Sandwich your ponytail with the tool, roll up to the base, and snap to a perfect bun.
NEAT ALL DAY – Won’t fall down for daily activities such as walking or jogging. Keep your hair off your neck and face in hot summer.
LIGHTWEIGHT – Do not hurt or add more burden to your hair. It is made of the synthetic wig and flexible wire. Work as a hair accessory, it feels feather-light.
PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASIONS – Daily Life, School, Night out Party, Wedding, Graduation, Prom, Ballet Recital, Yoga Practice, and Many More.
COLORS – Black, Coffee, Light Coffee, Brown, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Beige.

HOW TO USE Magic French Twist Instant Hair Bun Maker


Step One; Make A Ponytail!
Simple as that, make a ponytail, as loose or tight you prefer. Then insert your hair in the middle of the Hair Bun maker.

Step Two; Roll!
Roll your hair around the Bun Maker and move it upwards, towards the middle of your head.

Step Three; Snap!
Straighten the rods by pressing the ends outward, until you hear the snap and create a circle!

Look Fabulous!
Spread your hair as you wish, and don’t worry about it staying put; it will keep your hair secured all day long!


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