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Invest in Saving Time, Money, & the Earth

On average a typical $15 lint roller will last a few weeks to a month. Our Zero-Waste Lint Remover™ will get you through a lifetime of fuzz at the same price! On top of that our Lint Remover has been shown to remove even more fuzz than its sticky counterpart leaving your clothes, furniture, & fabric looking brand new. Great for pet hair, pilling, fluff, fuzz & more! It's time to restore your goods to their original glory.

There are so many small items we use regularly that we forget create waste. Lint rollers are one of them. However, there are no current alternatives to lint rollers that don't create waste. That's why we created our Zero-Waste Lint remover™. Using a state of the art copper heading that clings to those pesky fuzz balls, our Zero-Waste Lint Remover™ will leave your clothes clean.

Perfect for:

  • Renewing Old Cushions
  • Removing Pet Hair
  • Cleaning Carpet
  • Bring Life to Old Clothes
  • Refreshing Bedding
  • Revitalizing Furniture

"Excellent product for a reasonable price. It works way better than I expected. I don't have to buy expensive lint removal rollers from 3M anymore. Works good on any kind of fabric I could think of. I gave it a try with my trench coat and it removed completely the fur from my cat. highly recommended."   

Kayla- United States,-

Work Magic on Carpets- Cleaning your carpets can be a hassle! Often Vacuuming is tiring, slow, and ineffective. Our Zero-Waste Lint Remover can remove even the stickiest hairs, pilling, and fluff from your carpet in seconds!

Built to Last- Made from high grade materials and put through quality assurance tests, we ensure this is the last lint remover you'll ever need! No more running out of sticky paper, this is the One-Time Solution to all you're lint removing needs!

Pet Owners Delight- The Zero-Waste Lint Remover™ works wonders on pet hair! Clean your carpets, jackets, clothes, furniture. and more in seconds! Say goodbye to pet shedding once and for all.

How it works...

 1. Place your desired item on a hard flat surface (furniture, carpets, ect. are fine where they are)

2. Drag your Zero-Waste Lint Remover  across the desired item while applying a little bit of pressure.

3. Our specially designed copper teeth will grab and fluff, lint, and pilling off of your fabric.

4. Enjoy your rejuvenated fabric!