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LED Moon Lamp


Beautiful 3D Printed LED Moon Lamp with an USB rechargeable feature to decorate your home.



The Moon light Lamp is exclusively engineered using the 3D Printing Technology, to replicate the craters and mountains on the moon’s surface. It is manufactured using Eco-friendly PLA material, which makes the product very safe.

It has an in-built battery with an USB rechargeable feature, making it easier to recharge. The battery has a 400mAh capacity and can be charged completely in 3 hours. It offers light time for 8-10 hours depending on the brightness it is set on.It also includes a long-press touch feature to adjust the brightness of the lamp.



  • 2-Color Version- You get a touch operated lamp, with two exclusive color variation warm yellow and cool white.

The remote control version is only available for the 16 color light version of the moonlight lamp.


  • Use of 3D Printing Technology to replicate the surface of the moon.
  • Made with quality eco-friendly PLA material.
  • Brightness of the lamp can be adjusted at comfortable luminous levels.
  • Touch activation.
  • Remote control operation with the 16 color variation.
  • Use of long-lasting LED lights.
  • Light-time for 8-10 hours.
  • Battery operated with a capacity of 400mAh.
  • USB Rechargeable Feature.
  • Extremely durable product.

The Package includes:

1x 3D printed Moon Light lamp, it has a built-in battery.

1x lamp stand made of wood.

1x USB power cable to plug-in and recharge.

Moonlight gives a sense of calmness. This Moon lamp emits comfortable and flicker-free light and works as the best night lamp. It also helps to create an ideal and pleasant sleeping environment for kids and loved ones.