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Swift Touch

First-class water efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection.

Super easy to asemble and disassemble takes less than 1 minutes.

Super long-lasting battery last about 6 months for only 3 hours of charging.

Why should you get Swifter Touch?

  • Swift touch will allow you to save water and money which is good for the environment and your wallet
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Swift Touch will protect against water drop and water overflow
  • 6 set of adapters, to meet your different needs and sizes of the tap.

Instant mode

Bottom sensor for instant water flow. Place your hand within 10cm max close to the bottom sensor, this will enable instant water flow, move your hand away and it will turn it off immediately. When the bottom is in continuous sensing, it will flow out for 20 seconds, then it will stop automatically

Continous mode

Swipe side sensor within 5cm/1.96inch max this will enable a 3 minutes continous water flow even if the sensory object leaves. During the 3 minutes, swipe again to turn it off. This mode is great for cleaning the dishes or storage

Air Injection Technology

Increase the proportion of the air in the process of water out so that it is gentle and delicate providing eco-friendly and energy saving. Not only it can save energy it can also make monthly water bill less.