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Zen Opener

Zen Opener™ - Easy On Hands Versatile 6 in 1 Opener
Struggling with opening jar lids? Or maybe your favorite wine or beer bottle? What about a bag of chips? Then this is the best tool for you!
Checkout how it works!

5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Zen Opener
1. 6 in 1 Multi Opener opens six difficult types of seals/lids: bags, safety seals, pull tabs, bottle caps, bottle tops, jar lids, and more.
2. A good helper for household duties, a perfect gift for your husband/wife, parents and loved ones, helps them easily solve the sturdiest of bottles and jars.
3. Easy grip handle great for hands, age 65+, and arthritis sufferers. Makes opening any lid a breeze.
4. Opens without hurting wrists, hands, or using too much strength. Increased efficiency and comfortable utility make it perfect for those with hand injuries, wrist problems, or arthritis.
5. Not just for the home, you can take it along to picnics, camping, and on vacation. Slips neatly in the cutlery drawer until the next use and will not take up too much space, jar opener's silicone lining is easy to clean!

Guaranteed Easy:
1. Gauge the correct size
2. Place over lid and squeeze
3. Turn & Twist breaking the factory seal and pop the lid off

Benefits of Our Product:
HIGH QUALITY - Made of stainless steel material +TPR matte feel comfortable, high hardness and corrosion resistance. 
ARC HANDLE DESIGN - the human body mechanics principle grasps the sense to be comfortable, Zen Opener enhances the grip strength, and uses leverage for more power.
ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED - Perfectly fits in your hand, grips and opens easily the most common obstacles, all Soda and Water Bottles, Jars, Bags. You name it, easily open it with a simple grip twist and pop. The modern Zen Opener does so much with great ease. 
ARTHRITIS FRIENDLY - Perfect for Arthritis and Seniors. No more frustration opening bottles, or tightly sealed jars.